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Why Tunizer SEO Company:

  • Own database of quality sites (sites) used to post articles and obtain a quality reference mass. That allows you to make the amount of website promotion by 20% -30% in cheaper than the competition. Such links will not disappear suddenly, and if necessary, can be removed (in case of updating the algorithm).
  • We have a representative office in the United States, which allows us to keep abreast of the latest changes in algorithms, and take timely action on sites promoted to the CIS countries.
  • Experienced employees working in the field of promotion up to 8 years.
  • Own copywriting market, which allows you to fill the site with quality content without intermediaries.
  • The possibility of making non-standard decisions – we will never say no, we do not or can not do this!
  • Honesty and commitment to the promotion of the site.
    Many customers who want to order the promotion of sites in the search engines are concerned about the issue of guarantees by the performers for the result.

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The problem is that no one can give such a guarantee. After all, in addition to the quality of work carried out by optimizers, the improvement of the position of the promoted site in the search output also depends on the speed of registration of the results of this work by the search engines. And this is exactly from the optimizing company and does not depend. Therefore, optimizers can guarantee only one thing – the quality and timing of the work performed.

The question is how to determine whether the optimizer works qualitatively and whether it does everything right?

The answer to these questions, I hope, you can find in my article. It is equally useful to both optimizers and their customers. Optimizers, the article will help in some way to systematize and streamline all optimization work so that the client on the reports could see the logical order of promotion of this resource and he did not have additional questions and suspicions.

For clients who are not specialists in promotion, the article will explain all the stages of site optimization, explain some “dark” moments and show, as far as possible, what to expect from this or that stage of promotion, when some result should be expected and how to evaluate the quality of the executed works.

Why is it necessary to promote sites?

Promotion of sites on the Internet, as a rule, is aimed at increasing sales. This is due to attract a maximum number of new visitors to the site. This opportunity to multiply their incomes has become especially relevant in the last couple of years when online purchases have gained massive popularity. Companies that noticed this trend immediately worried about making their sites one of the first on the pages of search engines.

Promotion of sites on the Internet is a special action of SEO-specialists, which is aimed at increasing the position of the site for certain keywords in the search engine. This leads to getting targeted visitors. Promotion of the site includes not only the internal optimization but also external promotion of the site. With the right approach, website promotion gives excellent results. Potential customers come to your site. And this way to tell about yourself is much cheaper than usual advertising, which does not always bring the desired results.

In the process of promotion, 3 tasks are automatically solved:

1. The site traffic is growing.

2. You get the target audience.

3. Sales increase.

For effective work on the promotion of the site in the search engines, you first need to optimize the content, the site code, as well as other important parameters that affect the ranking. You always need to consider the type of business, the target audience and the level of competition on the Internet.

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Still, there is such kind of advancement, as advancement in social networks. Quite an effective method of interacting with the audience, which is concentrated in various soc. networks. Ignore such users in no way, especially nowadays, when everyone uses such resources, from schoolchildren to world-class stars. Using the tool of such a plan, you can quickly solve such problems as:

  • Formation of the image
  • Popularize the site
  • Attracting additional visitors to your site
  • Increased recognition of your product, brand
  • Free PR on the Internet
  • Increase the number of loyal users.

What is useful for complex promotion?

When you build a house, you need to take into account many nuances from which its reliability and durability will depend. We can say that a comprehensive promotion on the Internet is like a solid foundation for your home. However, unlike home, in the matter of website promotion, you must constantly manage the processes of analysis and indexing of links in order to get a solid foundation.

There are three main components with which search engines find, copy, organize and select the content of your site among billions of other documents on the Internet. They are as follows: link analysis, indexing, and ranking. Without good management of these processes, it can be quite difficult to maintain good positions in the search engines.

Most content marketers are not responsible for analyzing links and indexing the content they create. Well, if there is a CEO in the company, then these duties are shifted to him. But most often it happens that the content for the site is created either only for the sake of maximum marketing benefit or solely for the needs of the SEO. But this directly depends on the level of income of the company, and the brand image of the end user.

The analysis of links on the Internet is really hard, but still a solvable task if you can take advantage of professional SEO-promotion. Experienced “SEO” will bring this process to automaticity and thanks to his efforts, indexing your site will become a simple task for search engines and the most effective tool for your business. A good SEO mechanic can direct the analysis exactly to where it follows: “by registering” search engines what they need to analyze on your site and what is not.

The complex promotion in Tunizer also includes such services as:

  • The withdrawal of sites from Google filters (after the promotion of unscrupulous “SEO” or “attacks” of competitors).
  • Fighting the Penguin algorithm with your own donor sites. (We do not use automatic systems of analysis and promotion, we do not buy links from known exchanges of links).
  • Confronting the Panda algorithm (We put 90 +% unique articles, we write articles not only for the search system but also for people that are really interesting).
  • Research of people’s behavior on the site. (If necessary, we redesign the structure of the site.) We do the re-linking and redirection of the landing pages (coming from the search engine). We do the necessary rewrite (where it is needed).
  • Improvement – increase the usability of the site.
  • Provision of “correct”, the natural behavioral factor of people entering the site.
  • The conclusion of a site in the TOP-10 for the third-fifth month of promotion (with guaranteed money refund or promotion at one’s own expense in the event of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations).

Search engine optimization

We sincerely thought that everything that concerns SEO and promotion on the Internet has long ceased to be secret and is as obvious as the fact that the sun rises in the morning. However, the practice of recent months shows that tens of thousands of people still remain today who are sure that in order for their website to become popular and begin to benefit the business, only

a) fill it with interesting content

b) provide modern stylish design

c) have your own corporate identity.

Dear friends! We do not really like to debunk illusions, but we have to report that even if you made the coolest and most original site in the world, it can not bring you any appreciable benefit if you did not take into account the search engine promotion of your site. That is, they did not bother to make known search resources notice your site and offer it to users on popular key queries.

Let’s start with the “ABC”. How does the search for information on the Internet?

A certain person enters a search engine known to him (for example, Google) and enters several keywords in the search bar. In response, the search engine produces the most popular links, which contain the required information.

How does a person go on? Yes, just like everyone else – clicks on the links that were issued first, often without even going to the second page, not to mention the nineteenth or the fiftieth. Do you understand? Your potential customers probably will not know about your site, if it is not in the first lines. It so happened that users are always content with the top ten sites issued by the search engine.

A pledge that your potential customers will always find your site, and is such a service as search engine promotion sites.

And now about the advantages of search engine promotion:

  • The competent promotion allows you to interact only with the target audience.
  • The recognition of the brand, the product increases not only among competitors but also among potential customers.
  • The effect of website promotion will be noticeable in several search engines.
  • Even if you stop promoting the site, the result of search engine promotion of the site is still some time is preserved.
  • The presence of the site in the TOP does not look like advertising. Users are sure that they have found your site, thanks to the fact that they made the right request, and “promotion” has nothing to do with this.

Important! Make sure that the promotion is fair and does not lead your site to the “blacklist” of search engines. This can be read in more detail in another article on our website. And even faster – contact one of our specialists and get an FREE consultation on all the issues that interest you. Call us!