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Today, Internet marketing of the site, technology, and design are developing more rapidly, and in the close relationship. And this has an impact on the promotion of the site, which we can provide by Portland SEO expert. In this publication, we will talk about the hottest SEO marketing trends in 2017.

The development of mobile gadgets, browsers, and operating systems dictates its own rules for the design and usability of sites. Today, visual content and content are significant. The design must be adaptive, simple and elegant.


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But, if the site is inconvenient for users, what kind of progress can we talk about? The consumer will just close it and go to the competitor, to the website that will interact with it appropriately.

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The methods of Internet marketing, which will most affect the promotion of sites in 2026

  1. Large full-screen images
  2. Priority of convenient navigation
  3. Strong headlines and vivid calls for action
  4. Content attractive to the target audience
  5. Optimization for mobile traffic
  6. Interactive content: video and audio, quizzes and surveys

An integrated approach to Internet marketing.
In modern conditions, to successfully compete in the market, you need to apply an integrated strategy in Internet marketing. It should contain content marketing, SEO marketing elements, contextual advertising and activity in social networks.

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Only an integrated approach guarantees high results. This strategy will help better serve your customers.


  • The effectiveness of content marketing is three times higher than in traditional marketing.
  • The cost of content marketing is 61% lower than the price of traditional SEO marketing.

Today your customers are very interested in getting high-quality content. Your content should help solve their business problems and make the right decision when choosing a supplier or partner.


  • Maintaining a blog on the site and publishing original thematic articles provides 97% more visits
  • Write your texts as briefly as possible, but informative. Each publication should be devoted to one topic. Do not forget about the bright headlines

Original, exciting, educational or entertaining content will help you stand out from the competition and pleasantly surprise your potential customers.

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With the help of search marketing, only the target audience is attracted to the site, which is interested in receiving services or purchasing customer goods. SEO marketing consists of two basic parts:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Contextual advertising in search engines

The best practice of SEO marketing is content optimization first for people, and then for search engines. Remember the needs and desires of your customers!


  • The importance of visual content increased by 57%
  • It is expected that the amount of video in 2017 in the network will grow to 3 billion videos
  • Today, content with vivid visualization is enjoying increasing popularity. Use bright, unique visual content – this will help attract even more attention of customers.

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Remember that wireless technology and the high-speed Internet provide instant access to photos and videos. And many people are very fond of sharing them.


With the advent of many mobile device users, an adaptive web interface has become a vital necessity.

  • The minimalism in flat adaptive design is due to the need for fast loading.
  • Simplified form is caused by an increase in the number of photos and video content
  • Adaptive sites are more compact, light, concise.

Using these trends in your marketing strategy, you are guaranteed to succeed!

Individuality and humanity will show that your target audience is critical to you. This will help to stand out from the background of faceless competitors.