SEO Marketing. What Is It?


Do you want to have a successful business, sales growth, and more profits? Then you need a website promotion from the Tunizer Internet agency! You need to promote your web-resource because your competitors have long been engaged in this.

You can have a significant website or online store, with unique content, exciting offers, super price and detailed description of all services, but if the resource is not found in the search result, it will not lead new customers. But, if you need a typical user: came, saw, bought, once again bought and brought a friend. In this case, everything is simple:

SEM marketing

TUNIZER is an agency of competent and capable SEO marketing. We apply only the most efficient modern and comprehensive marketing solutions for the promotion of sites in search engines. Our primary goal is to promote the client site for sales growth and increase your profit (ROI). To achieve the most effective results, we:

  • We work for the best possible outcome.
  • We efficiently use modern marketing strategies.
  • We continuously improve our qualification.
  • We monitor and implement all innovative technologies and modern trends.
  • We attract only active target visitors.
  • We apply an individual approach to each of our clients.
  • We work qualitatively with love and intelligence, both for ourselves.

The most effective promotion of the site is the methodical application of the latest technologies and an integrated approach: SEO marketing, contextual advertising, SMM promotion, banner advertising and many other techniques.

SEO Marketing Guide

Complex Promotion Of Sites At The Tunizer

  • PPC – contextual and display advertising on Google and Bing will instantly display the site in the top search engines.
  • Banner advertising will make your brand recognizable and bring the maximum of the target audience with the help of remarketing and retargeting.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization will give a more stable and long-term result.
  • SMM – marketing in social networks will increase brand awareness and will attract additional traffic to the site.
  • Content marketing will allow you to gain trust and attract potential customers.
  • Web analytics will allow monitoring of site traffic, identify the audience and study its behavioral factors.

This list of methods and tools for integrated promotion is quite long, we have identified only the main ones. All methods and devices are individually useful in their way, but the only involved development of the site will allow you to quickly achieve the most effective results and get the maximum number of target audience and conversions. The Tunizer Company offers you a comprehensive website promotion in Portland and other cities of Maine.

What is SEO and how it works

  • A wide range of services gives our company almost unlimited opportunities to achieve the most efficient results in the promotion of various web resources.
  • The Tunizer company consists of a team of qualified first-class specialists with many years of experience.
  • Our company’s experience allows us to determine the most effective optimization methods, develop the best strategies for different situations and apply them in practice.
  • When developing a strategy for the promotion of the client’s website, we take into account some factors: the specifics of the customer’s business, the characteristics of the target audience, competition in the given sphere, and the goals to be achieved.
  • According to the results of the audit, we determine the most effective strategies for promoting your business channel and, first of all, we make maximum efforts to solve marketing problems that will give the most positive result, thereby saving your funds.
  • The promotion tools used by our company allow us to cover the maximum number of target audiences.
  • We use exclusively “white” methods of search optimization, allowed by search engines, which bring a stable result.
  • All actions and business processes of our company are transparent, understandable and open to our clients. At any stage of the promotion of our clients’ website, we provide any interesting information about current processes and regularly report on the results achieved.
  • Tunizer is an actively developing company, the development of which is directly related to the development of clients’ business.
  • Throughout its existence, Tunizer has gained immense trust and respect among many customers of SEO marketing.


  • Significantly increase the number of customers from the site.
  • Increase the profitability of your enterprise.
  • Bring your site to the first places in the SERP.
  • Make a quick start-up or promote your brand.
  • Declare yourself as a serious company and a reliable partner.
  • Open new horizons for business.

Contextual Advertising From The Tunizer Agency

Contextual advertising is a text, banner or video ad for specific products or services in Google or Bing search engines. The right contextual advertising will quickly bring your site to the first page for the fastest possible attraction of potential customers to your resource.

Google Adwords, Bing contextual advertising is a time-consuming process. There are not many listening courses on contextual advertising; you need experience and knowledge of a lot of details on setting up the campaign, affecting the price of a click, so as not to drain the budget for nothing. Therefore, the most economical option for you is the appeal to professionals.

Our highly qualified specialists have vast practical experience in conducting advertising campaigns. We know how to properly audit and choose the time and place for contextual advertising to bring you the maximum number of useful user responses. Tunizer is a cost-effective contextual advertising for target users always at the right time, in the right place.

SEO definition

SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of measures aimed at adapting the site to the requirements of search engines, the primary purpose of which is to increase the positions in the issuance of links on the requests of users. Simply put, SEO website promotion will provide your site with high places in the organic publication of Google and Bing.

SEO promotion consists of two main areas:

• Internal optimization of the site – is to fill the Internet resource content with a semantic core (keywords, queries), as well as to change the structure of the website and eliminate errors in the program code. This part of the work is the least understood by customers, but it is the one that allows you to achieve the best results in SEO promotion of the site.

• External optimization of the website – involves attracting external users and building up a reverse reference mass. Development of the site is made due to the high position of the site in the ranking on search engine requests and direct site visits by users.

If you decide to do a quality SEO marketing for your website promotion, contact the Tunizer. Our office is in Portland. We work with the whole of the USA and foreign countries. See the cost of search engine promotion.

How to do SEO

SMM promotion in social networks is the promotion of a brand or product in social networks, aimed at developing relations with the target audience with the subsequent attraction of visitors to your site, thereby raising its rating in the SERP. Advantages of SMM promotion:

• The natural increase in the reference mass.

• Simple and easy placement of content from the site.

• Variety of content formats (texts, podcasts, videos, etc.).

SEO marketing in social networks, for example, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and others, help to increase the regular flow of visitors to the site, increasing traffic and improving the position of the resource.

Our company Tunizer carries out successful promotion in social networks. We register, register and conduct pages of companies in social networks, we monitor social networks, manage reputation, attract new subscribers and increase the number of likes.