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Contextual advertising (Google AdWords services) is not just ads that are shown by the content of the web page where they are located. Today you can Portland SEO AdWords Campaign, because it is a powerful and highly accurate tool to reach your potential customers on the Internet. With the help of modern tools that are now available in AdWords, you can very subtly highlight your audience and deliver it to your advertising message. Thus, using AdWords, you make the most of your advertising budgets and get your customers quickly.

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Google AdWords can be shown in two networks:

  • Search network – advertising in this network is displayed to users next to the search results in response to their search queries. Simple words that the user asked Google, then he shows it in response.
  • Display Network – AdWords advertising that is shown on Google partner sites (which placed Google’s advertising code on the pages of their websites)

The differences in advertising in the Search and Context-Media Network:

  • On the search network, only text ads can be shown, but on the Display Network, and text ads, and banners, and video ads.
  • In the CCM, you can pay for impressions, and for clicks, and on the search network – only for clicks
  • The behavior of the user in the search network and the Context-Media Network is fundamentally different.

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Therefore, the very principle of advertising, advertising, advertising metrics (CTR, cost per click, etc.) will differ
Contextual advertising on different devices

Google AdWords on your Samsung smartphone:

Advertising Google AdWords on mobile devices will only bring results if you have a mobile version of the site, but if you do not have it, then display ads on mobile devices should be disabled.

If you have an app in the App Store, you can promote it with AdWords. Advertising application will be shown on devices with the operating system iOS, i.e., on the methods of potential users of your application.

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It’s essential to determine the advertising goals before advertising in Google AdWords. The purposes of contextual advertising can be:

  • Direct response
  • Branding
  • Increased traffic

Cost of contextual advertising

The price of contextual advertising for the end customer usually consists of the budget, which must be entered into Google AdWords and also the commission of the agency that serves its contextual advertising.

Advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Unobtrusiveness. In the search network, advertising is shown only to those users who are actively interested in your product or service.
  • Start speed. Ads appear almost immediately after setting up an ad campaign and recharging your AdWords balance
  • Accuracy. Thanks to various targeting methods, contextual advertising can be configured as precisely as possible for your target audience
  • Flexibility. AdWords allows you to quickly change your account settings and direct your ads to the maximum efficiency.
  • Ability to pay only for the result. In contextual advertising, it is possible to set up funding just for received conversions, which we set ourselves beforehand (for example, you can only pay for calling potential customers)
  • “Pay as much as you want.” You can choose which budget to allocate for contextual advertising on Google.

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Campaigns in AdWords services can be tailored to suit almost any budget, and they will be useful.
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