The Importance of SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords is the selection of keywords using three methods. Learn how to choose the right keywords for your site. Our Portland SEO experts specialize in this.

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Using Google Adwords
To one of the initial stages of the promotion of the site should be attributed the selection of keywords, their analysis, and location on the pages. From the effectiveness of the choice of key phrases, the subsequent format of work and the strategic objectives of the project will depend. In this article, we will not talk about competition in different areas of business and its role in the process of selecting promoted queries, but we will consider and describe in detail the primary tools that you will need, namely, individual Google Adwords and Bing.

Statistics services. You will learn how to choose the right SEO keywords for your site with the most effective and what tools you need to use to evaluate and analyze critical queries.

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The first way: from the perspective of the user
Before you start using automated programs, make a list of SEO keywords regarding the format of the business for which you would have searched for goods and services on the Internet. Ask your friends and relatives to do a mini-study. You can rest assured that using this method; you will learn a lot of useful information that will be needed in the future. How to use this technique? It’s straightforward – make a general list of all the essential phrases. The effectiveness of this method is that you are concerned with human search factors. Of course, they are taken into account by individual programs, which, based on the preferences of users searching, summarize and provide a list of the most popular queries.

At the same time, the selection of critical queries from the user’s point of view and the use of this method can bring enormous benefits; the most interesting is that you can pick up favorite questions, the level of competition is medium or very low. At the same time, the effectiveness of finding your website remains useful, even more so – you will save the budget for promotion and time for getting into the Top, as you cover reasonable requests and do not pursue high-frequency phrases. It is especially useful; it will be for new sites that cannot yet move forward on supercompetitive words.

The second way: using the Google search bar and Bing
Figure 1 shows that the search string produces possible variants of key phrases. Following the search tips, you can pick and not guess about the most popular and requested vital phrases. Using this method, you determine what words users are looking for business subjects from “A” to “Z” with different variations and alternations of phrases.

In addition to the most popular queries, you can define words that people do not enter. Suppose, using the first method; you have compiled a list of key phrases with different declensions and manipulations, paying attention to the most, in your opinion, rare and unique queries. By verifying the sentences with the help of the Google search engine, you can leave or vice versa, exclude a possible request due to the lack of its popularity.

The third way: analysis and selection of SEO keywords in Google Adwords
The selection and analysis of SEO keywords “Google AdWords” perfectly allows us to cope with our main tasks. For example, we take the theme of furniture and the queries around it. In Figure 3, for example, we wrote four queries on the subject of the furniture business. In the section “Target regions and languages”, they chose the USA and defined the English language. And in the paragraph “Match Types”, we left “wide” to analyze the market, the group of requests, the quantity, the target region and the level of competition in the most scale.

Existing SEO keywords suitable for your niche

We, for example, have resulted in inquiry “furniture for cats” Level of its competition low, but people are interested in this product. Therefore, start selling furniture for animals =) Given the query “leather furniture”, the level of its competition is average. Therefore, it would be advisable for this section to create the corresponding page and in the title pee: “Leather furniture, buy leather furniture in Portland”. As you can see, we took three requests. Now pay attention to 2 requests (in the figure they are underlined in red). The level of competition is high for the first and second request. However, the number of requests is greater for the first one, therefore, for the sofa section, the most optimal solution is the following: “Sofas Portland, buy a sofa”. Of course, if the central region of promotion is the city of Portland. If goods are sold all over the country, there is no need to link towns to cities. In the selection of critical queries, there are a lot of nuances that we give to our customers.

Summing up and the main factors allowing to determine the correctness of the selection of SEO keywords

We have considered the primary ways that will enable you to pick up even the most complex vital queries for your site and manipulate them. In the process of selecting fundamental questions and phrases, it is extremely important to determine the future strategy for promoting your website. If the market is very competitive, old and there are already established brands on it, it may be necessary to take less competitive requests, rather than for years trying to get to the TOP. The choice is up to you.