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Building an effective business without the presence of a brand on the Internet is impossible today, everyone knows about it. But how to stand out among tens of thousands of monotonous resources? The answer is simple – beautiful Portland web design! Order today!

Employees of the studio “Tunizer” know what should be the design of the site to attract the maximum audience.

Portland Web Design

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A successful web design is a combination of several components:

  • usability. It is about the convenience of viewing and using the Internet project for both the administrator and the ordinary visitor. All elements of the resource, including the procedure for registering or registering an order, the form and structure of the site, should be functional and simple. As you know, even the most aesthetically attractive and beautiful site will not become a working one. The design of the site is obliged to prepare the necessary platform for the audience;
  • graphic arts. Among the many similar resources, your site should have some kind of “zest”, animating boring numbers and letters. Tunizer experts know how to turn a casual visitor into a regular customer;
  • marketing. From the design, it depends. It is important at an early stage to think through the structure and all the blocks in order to further achieve a high conversion in the SERP.

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Types of design.

Before you start to develop a visual image of a particular project, it is important to determine which group it will belong to in the future. Depending on various factors, the sites are divided into these types:

  1. By subject. This group includes futuristic, classical, magazine, retro sites, etc., it all depends on the subject matter of the project. The main requirement for this type of design is compliance with the spirit and subject matter of the resource. Remember that the online portal for accountants, developed in the style of comics, will look very ridiculous. On the other hand, an entertainment site or resource dedicated to the film should be in no case be strict, and without pictures, otherwise, there will be no interest in it.
  2. By color. Depending on the color palette, the sites are dark, combined, light, with an emphasis on one color. Most often on the Internet, you can find a combination of schemes, but it’s important to remember that everything depends on the specific task – sometimes the site looks much better than the colorful and colorful palette of colors on the screen.
  3. The volume of data. Based on the nature and volume of materials, that should be placed on the site, allocate a column, minimalistic and complex projects. If we talk about the column variant, then 2-3 columns are usually chosen. Minimalistic design means focusing on one particular object. This type is optimal for resources. From the developer’s point of view, design-challenging projects take up the most of the time, because it is not necessarily art, but also ease of use.
  4. According to the schedule – artistic, standard or clean. On a standard site, you can see a beautiful combination of graphics and text, there is no congestion in pictures or animations. This type is considered to be something in between, a colorful information resource and a creative, colorful project;
  5. By the features of the screen – adaptive, rubber, fixed. It is important to understand that in our time most of the sites are viewed through tablets and telephones, that is, from any devices that are at hand. Therefore, fixed types are a matter of the past, they are successfully replaced with variants with an adaptive layout.

On the adaptive and rubber design of the site – the price is higher for fixed analogs, but for the ultimate user.

Why us?

The Tunizer SEO Company has a huge experience in the development of web design for portals of varying complexity and scale. We know how to effectively present your brand on the Internet! Advantages of working with us:

  • high download speed. Regardless of the number of graphic elements on the site, it will be loaded as quickly as possible, not allowing the user to think about switching to another resource;
  • reliability. At each stage of development, we test the product so that it will be integrated into the network without any critical vulnerabilities. On a tablet, computer or mobile phone, your web project will look equally beautiful;
  • deadlines. At the stage of the drafting of the terms of reference, we stipulate terms and strictly adhere to them in the process of creating a design. You will get your site exactly at the agreed time, without unpleasant surprises from the developers;
  • Reasonable price. The Tunizer SEO CompanyWeb design in POrtland from the studio “Space-Site” represents the excellent quality of the product at a favorable price.