SEO Promotion To Get In TOP Of Google

For the power of site, we can make SEO promotion on this page.
In the last few years, users of search engines, more trust sites from organic issuance (SEO top-10) than contextual advertising (CA). Also, the failure rate is higher for the catalog than for the profile site. What is it connected with? – In our opinion, the time has come when the user understands that it is paid for, and what is natural and natural. Catalogs and large portals are promoted for promotion, and not for the user to bring real useful content. Search engines are struggling with this, and we know what to do to stay on their side.

Subjects to which for the promotion can only apply SEO optimization

There are subjects that do not take into contextual advertising; this is due to policies and regulations in individual countries that prohibit the promotion of specific products. But, in SEO, nothing is forbidden, we will help you with such a project (except for crime).

SEO Promotion Techniques

The myth that the SEO will die soon.
About ten years ago, there was this myth, who and why his PR?

1st category, these companies are engaged in the development of sites, but there is no SEO staff, and to not let go of the client, offer only contextual advertising for the promotion of the site, since it is much easier and does not require capital investment, and just 2-3 more – less intelligent students, perhaps even without special education.

2nd group, these are market leaders, it is advantageous for them to “promote” this myth with the aim of reducing competition.

The 3rd group is probably the largest; this is the category of specialists who have not had much in SEO, the only way out for them is to propose CA.

Our advantages
We have been in the market for services since 2007, during this time we have brought to the top more than 0.5 million requests. In the staff of experienced specialists, with a vast experience. We provide guarantees for our services.

Contact us, and your site will bring you a sober and steady income.

The process of SEO promotion

Types Of Online Promotions

Surely you know about the promotion of sites. But even if you have not heard about such a formulation, then you know very well about the existence of such search engines like Yandex, Google, etc. Otherwise, you would not have found or read this article now. Search engines on input requests issue certain lists of sites (for example, “sanatoriums of Dallas”, “buy a dog” or “office rental”). Accordingly, some sites go to the first places of search engines, and some only, for example, on the 10th, and so on.

It is SEO optimization of the site (still it can be called a search engine promotion) that your website is on TOP. This was the simplest explanation. If to speak more scientifically, SEO (search engine optimization) in translation from English means optimization of search engines.

Optimization of the site is understood as increasing the efficiency with which the section performs the functions assigned to it. Representative service (PR) is a function of the resource image. Generation of potential buyers (B2B), sales (B2C) – accordingly, the number of possible buyers and sales volume depends on these functions.

Common Google rules to follow for SEO promotion

Not so long ago, the Internet was used mainly to find information. To date, the situation has changed significantly. New technologies, increasing the number of Internet users and many other important factors have made the Internet a powerful marketing tool and a place for sales simultaneously. Paying attention to the number of online stores, we can conclude that the new Internet technology brings an excellent stable profit to site owners.

SEO promotion is valid for all companies whose potential audience is looking for similar services, or products on the Internet. Having carried out the statistics, it turned out that the number of Internet users is increasing every year. Today, a large number of people use the Internet on the territory of Ukraine. And it is this part of people that is attractive for business, as such users, as a rule, have good solvency. Just think about how many people are looking for what you can offer them, but find these products on the sites of your competitors! Although you can also take this “place under the sun”. This is what SEO promotion of sites is for.

SEO Promotion Company

There are several for this. First of all, the top places in the search engines can be compared with the prestigious areas of the city. The very first impression received by a potential client, even without visiting the organization, develops when it finds out where it is located. The better and more prestigious the district, the more trust the client has. Accordingly – more chances that he will choose you!

There is such a stereotype. If the company is located in the center of the city, it means that it is thriving. Similar stereotypes and SEO optimization. Sites on TOP are the most important sites.

Secondly, only one right location attracts a lot more potential customers. More than 95% of users pay attention to sites that are located in the TOP-10 (this is the first page of the issue). Less than 2% of users have the patience to “grow” even to the 4th page.

Accordingly, the traffic will be higher for that site, which is closer to the TOP. According to an essential inquiry, as a result of the search, we would recommend you to be in TOP-5.

The right list of requests is very important
SEO promotion is a very effective way to attract attention, but it should only be performed by professionals! The fact is that if you do this yourself, not knowing all the subtleties, then this SEO optimization can cost your site penalties. And this is not the worst thing! The number of visitors to your site may increase, but the number of customers is not. For the promotion to produce the desired result, it is necessary to determine the promotion strategy and with the list of promoted requests.

For most SEO companies, website promotion is simply an essential marketing tool.

SEO Promotion Tools

New rules in SEO mechanisms and getting links is a race in which you can win.
We thought that the times when “SEO” bought cheap one-day links in the past, but the situation reached a new level – now they are paying again, but already for removing or disproving these links. Not so “cunning”, is not it? One speaker, this year at the SES conference in London marketers, told a story about how the owner of 1000, or so, sites paid a penny for adding one-day links, and now pays $ 5 for removing each of them! The irony is the Google Webmaster Tool from which, logically, the definition of SEO-health of the site begins.

Today the main problem of most companies, in our opinion, is that despite the active race for the attention of the buyer in the search engines, many content marketers do not even know what optimization is, not to mention the analysis of links, indexing and combating negative SEO and risky links. We, of course, should be grateful to Google’s disciplinary sanctions regarding the quality of Internet pages and links, but this does not save us from dishonest SEO promotion who instead of honest advertising merely change tactics and implement a kind of protection to prevent negative sanctions from search engines. In fact, the SEO industry is full of deleting harmful links, and it’s something completely different from producing and promoting high-quality content that people would share and refer to.

Search Engine Marketing

An essential part of our work in Tunizer SEO promotion Company is to make the site content easily searchable by the right audience. Do it honestly, correctly and taking into account all the changes in the world of search engine optimization: from Panda to Penguin, and after and to Humminbird. In this action, you will find a lot of useful information from the life of high technologies, as well as valuable and efficient advice from us and our American colleagues on how to correctly build an SEO-policy for your resource.

Also, you can apply for help to our specialists in Tunizer SEO Promotion Company, and within 3-5 months your site will take a firm position in the TOP-10 search engines.